Making Images With Impact: Part 3

Alaska bald eagle by Rick Sammon.

23 Mar Making Images With Impact: Part 3

This is the third installment in a three-part series. Check out the previous installments below:

Making Images with Impact: Part 1

Making Images with Impact: Part 2

Larger than Life

rick sammon orchid macro

Photo by Rick Sammon.

When we use true macro lenses, which give us at least a 1:1 magnification, as opposed to the close-up settings on a zoom lens that provides close focusing, we can print images that are larger than life – and larger-than-life images are impressive, if we have an interesting subject.

I took this macro photograph of an orchid with my Canon 50mm macro lens.

Eye Contact


rick sammon photo of a burmese woman

Photo by Rick Sammon

Eye contact with the subject can have an impact on the viewer. Look at the works of the master painters. In many paintings, the subjects are looking directly at the artist . . . and you can feel as though the subject is looking at you.

I photographed this young woman near Inle Lake, Myanmar. Sure, I like her red headdress and sunscreen/makeup. But it’s the eyes – the windows to the soul as the Greeks said – that gives this photographs impact for me.

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old car in Havana Cuba by Rick Sammon

Photo by Rick Sammon

John Lennon said, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” I agree. What’s more, it’s fun to create our own reality – and to add impact to our images – by creative images processing.

I altered the reality of this scene in Old Havana, Cuba by increasing the contrast and saturation of my file for a somewhat surrealistic image.

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Merritt Island, Florida beach scene by Rick Sammon

Photo by Rick Sammon.

Adding a Bi-Color filter in Nik Color Efex Pro to a rather dull photograph altered the reality of this Merritt Island, Florida scene.


Alaska bald eagle by Rick Sammon.

Photo by Rick Sammon.

We can also make images with impact by created composites, as I did her by combing an Alaska landscape photograph with a tight shots of a bald eagle. Both photographs were taken on the same shoot.

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Panorama of ice formations by Rick Sammon.

Photo by Rick Sammon.

Granted, this panorama, created from 12 Raw files, does not have impact on this page. However, because of the size of the file (202 MB), a large panoramic image mounted on a wall would have a lot of impact.


Mongolian horsemen by Rick Sammon.

Photo by Rick Sammon.

Action photos can have impact, especially if you capture the peak of action. Action photographs can have even more impact when you add some of the other elements that are listed in this series of columns. How many of these elements do you think apply to my photography of these Mongolian soldiers reenacting a Genghis Khan attack?

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