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Tips for taking panorama photos by Rick Sammon
Perfecting Panoramas

Rick Sammon explains the ins and outs of creating perfect panoramic images using a few simple tools. ...

Alaska bald eagle by Rick Sammon.
Making Images With Impact: Part 3

In the third installment of his Making Images with Impact series, renowned travel photographer Rick Sammon shares some surprising tips for making images that really jump off of the page. ...

three blurry waterfalls
Exploring Iceland’s Composition Possibilities (Part Two)

Check out Part One of Exploring Iceland's Composition Possibilities here. In this second part of my two-part series, I’ll share with you some of my favorite photographs from my adventures in Iceland, along with seven composition techniques not covered in the previous installment. 1. Golden Spirals Are...

Sunset over icebergs in Iceland
Exploring Iceland’s Composition Possibilities (Part One)

These days, Iceland seems to be the “hot spot” when it comes to travel destinations – and for good reasons: spectacular landscapes and seascapes, photogenic Icelandic horses, easy and direct access (via Icelandic Air) from several major U.S. cities, good food (and local beer), good...

Packing for a Photo Safari

Alaska – it is one of the most wonderful, most awe inspiring, and most accessible wild locations on the planet. In the wilds of Alaska, one can experience the great outdoors and become "one with nature." The great state, in fact, gets it name...

Conquer Composition on Your Next Adventure, Part Two

This is the second installment in my two-part series on composition. Composition is one of the key elements in making a good photograph. Add a good exposure and a good subject to a well-composed image, and you have a good photograph. In this two-part column (click...

Make Landscape Images that Rock

No matter where your adventures take you, you are bound to experience awesome landscapes. In this column I'll share with you some quick tips for capturing those landscapes with your digital camera – so you can relieve your experience and share your experience with family...

Top Ten Tricks for Photographing Birds

I have photographed many different subjects over the past 40 years. Birds, especially birds in flight, are the most challenging – because birds move fast and the light/exposure often changes when birds move. If you are new to bird photography, or if you have been disappointed...