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elephants in tarangine national park
Tarangire: The Essence of Tanzania

“Elephants!” I don’t recall who shouted it first but it was a cry that I would get used to in the coming days. Maybe the six of us in the safari vehicle shouted at once, but it really didn’t matter, since we all seemed to see...

The New Salt Lake City

It was 1994 when I first visited Salt Lake City, when the city gave fresh meaning to the term “sleepy,” locked in a time warp redolent of 1950’s America. But what gave it panache was its setting, ringed with snow-covered mountains in a valley that...

Report from Namibia and the 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit

I have just returned from Namibia, the Africa that I never knew existed, where I attended the 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS). This 10th gathering of the ATWS was a mosh pit of ideas and creative energy emanating from tour operators, destination specialists, journalists,...

A Morning on Kauai

The view over Hanalei Bay on the north shore of Kauai must be one of the wondrous in the world. With a backdrop of the rugged mountains that form the Napali Coast, looking like a dragons’ back covered in green, it’s a setting that has...

A Sunday Night in Rio

I have been traveling to Rio de Janeiro for nearly 30 years, and could wax poetic about it for longer than you’d care to listen. But the defining moment came a few years ago, on a balmy Sunday night in Ipanema. I had just stepped...

Twelve Reasons to Love Vienna

Vienna is one of my favorite cities in the world. Long on charm, style and tradition, Vienna is undergoing a massive infusion of energy, money and building. A Ritz-Carlton has just opened and the Hotel Topazz, a Design Hotel, opened last year. There is an...

Sea Kayaking in Vancouver

What the bicycle is to Amsterdam, the kayak is to Vancouver. People kayak before work and after work, and I have no doubt that some kayak to work. There are nearly a dozen kayaking outfitters and half a dozen kayaking clubs in the city, and...