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nervous elephant in botswana
Big Five Series: The Unassuming Elephant

The “Big Five” was the name coined by game hunters for the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot. Even though game hunting is largely a controversial subject, the Big Five maintain widespread notoriety for wildlife viewing on safari. If these beasts...

Cultural Snapshot: Celebrate the Holidays in Africa

“Nearly every American hungers to move,” discovered John Steinbeck in Travels with Charley, during his journey across the States. He found most Americans yearning to travel like he was, to see something new, really anything new. Holiday traditions are important for most of us, but...

Big Five Safari Series: “The Widow Maker”

Ask most folks which is the deadliest, most dangerous of the Big Five, and they would probably guess the mighty lion, roaring king of the jungle. False. The animal among the Big Five said to cause the most human deaths—up to 200 per year—is surprisingly...

Cultural Snapshot: Latin American Festivals

Attend a festival in Latin America and you’ll be transported directly into the culture of the place with a front row seat to learn about its traditions during the happy time of celebration. Many of these festivals combine religious and secular beliefs as well as...

A Hiatus in Hattingen: Hills, Dales, Steel & Truth

Life coasts at a lovely, simple suburban pace in Hattingen, Germany, situated on the south bank of the Ruhr River close to the Netherlands border. My time was mostly spent strolling about the old town among the charming half-timbered homes, appreciating landscapes tucked between rolling...

Five Fascinations with the Vermillion Coast

Oops. I fell in love. Maybe it was the wine, maybe the locals, or maybe it was the cerulean sea…but after spending ten days on the grey and golden-shaled Vermilion Coast, which runs between Argelès-sur-Mer to the border village of Cerbère, I decided to call...

Myth-Busting Mission in Holland: A Happy Failure

I came to Holland intending to dispel some of the myths that Americans have about the country — but I was disillusioned to find that many of our stereotypes are actually spot on. At the end of the journey, I thought I had overturned at...

The Meaning of Remarkable Adventure

Combine the two definitions of adventure per Merriam Webster, and you get “an exciting, dangerous, or remarkable experience.” I hinge on the word remarkable because adventure means something different to everyone, though always notable, and always new. For one person, it could mean solo travel...

Being on Animal Time: Five African Adventures

Once you encounter animals on safari— big-tusked elephants thrashing branches so close you can hear them mash the leaves, vultures swarming over the remains of some primordial fight the evening before, lions roaring 15 feet from your (open!) jeep—it’s just not easy to see them...

Five Fantastic Island Getaways

Type the words “island escape” in your Google search, and you’re hit with over 1.2 million entries. Not surprising. But try the same for “island culture” or “island adventure” and that number is slashed in half. My hypothesis is that we associate travel to the...

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