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Galápagos Adventure: Our Best Family Trip Ever

In almost four decades as a travel writer and editor, I’ve been blessed to be able to take my wife and two children around the world, from Japan to Jamaica, France to Fiji, Australia to Yosemite. And yet, of all the wonderful destinations we’ve visited...

Art and Nature in New Mexico

I awoke to the “blue mountain” in the distance, framed by wintry cottonwoods, still exuding the presence and power that so captivated O’Keeffe....

Ryoanji: Six Stones

The rock garden at Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto is one of my favorite places in Japan and one of the most sacred places on the planet for me. In its sere simplicity, its stark purity, it’s a place that slows me down, quiets me, leads...

Remembering George Wendt, OARS Founder and Adventure Travel Icon

The adventure travel world lost one of its most generous and gentlemanly members last month with the passing of George Wendt, the founder and president of O.A.R.S. and a beloved adventure travel icon. O.A.R.S. recently shared this sad news with the statement below: It is with profound...

Pico Iyer: Some Thoughts on Adventure

Editor's note: Pico Iyer is an eloquent and profound essayist and travel writer, beloved for his wonder-filled books, including Video Night in Kathmandu, The Lady and the Monk, and The Global Soul. Here he offers his reflections on a subject central to the heart of...

bridge in mostar
Building Bridges in Mostar

I have seen the future, and it looks like a bridge. In fact, it is a bridge, the very structure I am admiring right now: the Stari Most, or Old Bridge, in the Old Town of Mostar, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which spans the Neretva River and...

avebury england sacred stones
Postcard: The Sacred Stones of Avebury, England

England is full of idyllic areas for hiking and biking, including the Lake District and the Cotswolds. I’ve just returned from one of the most rewarding of these regions, the Salisbury Plain, located in the verdant southwest, about three hours by car from London. ...

matcha ceremony shikoku japan
A Serendipitous Spring Ceremony on Shikoku

One of the joys of a visit to Japan is the opportunity to experience a traditional green tea, or matcha, ceremony and tasting. On a spring visit to the island of Shikoku, my tour group was exploring the grounds of Matsuyama Castle when we came...

Candace Rose Rardon: A Valley of Contrasts in Morocco

Editor’s note: Candace Rose Rardon is an American writer, photographer and artist who sketches as she travels. These sketches, combined with the stories behind them, poignantly portray those moments of encounter and illumination that become the stepping stones of adventure, inner and outer. We are...

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