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  • A Conversation with Patagonia Explorer and “Unbounded” Filmmaker Garrett Martin – Part One

    In 2016, four young travelers set off unaided into Chilean Patagonia. For four months the team trekked and pack-rafted along the longest continual trail network in South America, documenting their journey, the region, and the local people. During the post-production of “Unbounded,” Adventure Collection Managing......

  • Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park: Watching a World Rebuild

    Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park is so much more than its tidewater glaciers. The terrestrial world is reforming there, right before your eyes....

  • Paddling Home to Antarctica

    A symphony of silence on the glittering waters of Neko Harbor, Antarctica, brings Sivani Babu home....

  • The Man on the Mountain
    The Man On the Mountain

    We were high in the Pyrenees, mid-way through a whirlwind of non-stop adventures, and when they told us that we were heading up to the mountain village of Meranges to meet Eduardo Jornet — father of famed runner and mountaineer Kilian Jornet, who had just summited Mt. Everest in a record-setting 26 hours, without oxygen or fixed ropes — it felt almost too good to be true....

Why Travel With Adventure Collection?

Responsible Travel – Walking the Walk

Our members are deeply respectful of the destinations where they are operate and have received numerous accolades and awards for blazing new frontiers in responsible travel. Our members continuously strive to minimize their impacts on the environment and give back to the places they visit.

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Unparalleled Passion & Expertise

Every Adventure Collection trip is the legacy of a company with a rich and unique traveling heritage. We're proud of our travel innovations all over this bounteous world. And while Adventure Collection's story is new, the stories of the passionate men and women who created it are travel industry legends.

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The World's Most Celebrated Adventure Travel Companies

With over 300 years of collective experience, Adventure Collection members have gained the trust and respect of tens of thousands of travelers and together have earned nearly every major travel award and accolade. Our members are consistently recognized as the “best in class” operators in their respective fields.

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