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Welcome to Adventure Collection!

We are a partnership of nine of the world’s most respected and award-winning adventure travel companies. Together, our pioneering members have more than 300 years of collective experience and offer a nearly limitless roster of mind-expanding, soul-stirring adventures trips and tours across the globe.

Have you ever dreamed of witnessing the spectacle of the Great Serengeti Migration, or of exploring the back roads of Tuscany on the seat of a bicycle, or plying the icy waters of Antarctica on an expedition cruise? These adventure tours and over a thousand more are yours to explore and dream about as you peruse our website.

United by an abiding commitment to offering guests the very best adventure trips, the adventure travel companies of Adventure Collection place an emphasis on exceptional personal service and comfort. We are also deeply dedicated to the idea that adventure travel companies can and should be a force for good in the world. As such, we’ve consistently raised the standard on socially and environmentally responsible adventure trips and give back to the places where we operate. By traveling with us, you will too.

Please enjoy perusing our website. Our Trip Finder is your gateway to more than 1,000 incredible domestic and overseas adventure tours. To make it easy, you can select your adventure by world region, destination, Member Company, or activity, including:

And be sure to check out The Adventurous Traveler Blog, our online magazine featuring stories and photos from some of the world’s leading travel journalists and photographers, as well as news and special offers from the world’s premiere adventure travel companies. Now, on to adventure!

Why Travel with Adventure Collection?

Responsible Travel – Walking the Walk

Our members are deeply respectful of the destinations where they are operate and have received numerous accolades and awards for blazing new frontiers in responsible travel. Our members continuously strive to minimize their impacts on the environment and give back to the places they visit. Read more

Unparalleled Passion & Expertise

Every Adventure Collection trip is the legacy of a company with a rich and unique traveling heritage. We're proud of our travel innovations all over this bounteous world. And while Adventure Collection's story is new, the stories of the passionate men and women who created it are travel industry legends. Read more

The World's Most Celebrated Adventure Travel Companies

With over 300 years of collective experience, Adventure Collection members have gained the trust and respect of tens of thousands of travelers and together have earned nearly every major travel award and accolade. Our members are consistently recognized as the “best in class” operators in their respective fields. Read more

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