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An Interview with Don George on Family Travel

For more than three decades, celebrated travel writer and editor Don George has entertained and enlightened readers with tales of his adventures both close to his home in Northern California and as far afield as the remote jungles of Cambodia and dizzying heights of Mount...

Great Places to Get up Close to California’s Redwood Trees

This is their temple, vaulted high, And here we pause with reverent eye, With silent tongue and awe-struck soul; For here we sense life's proper goal… --Joseph Strauss, “The Redwoods” That the chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge was also a talented poet may come as a surprise to...

rogue river rafting
Five Paths to Family Adventure in Oregon

On paper, Oregon quickly becomes a land of superlatives. It’s home to the deepest river gorge in North America, the 7,993-foot deep Hell’s Canyon. It’s also where you’ll find the deepest lake in the United States, the 1,943-foot deep Crater Lake. ...

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