Compare Mongolia Tours from the World’s Best Mongolia Tour Operators


Compare Mongolia Tours from the World's Best Mongolia Tour Operators

A Mongolia tour is a journey into a singular place and a very different time!

Probably every adventurer has dreamed of a nomadic life. To live in the moment and travel with nothing holding you back is a freedom seldom tasted.

Believe it or not, there’s still a place where you can immerse yourself in the timeless rhythms of a wanderer’s life: Mongolia. The country throws back not only to a way of life that we all once knew, but to one that sounds as if it came out of a fantasy novel. When you travel to Mongolia, you’ll find people who hunt alongside their “brother” eagles, sing in double notes you didn’t think it possible for human vocal cords to make, and trek through mountains with yaks.

The nomadic Kazakhs of western Mongolia live much as they have for centuries in the shadow of the Altai Mountains. Moving seasonally in search of good pasture for their animals, they maintain one of the last, enduring horse-based nomadic cultures in the world. And the Kazakhs still practice an ancient tradition passed down from their forebears: the art of hunting with trained golden eagles. Every year, eagle hunters from all corners of Bayan-Ölgii province gather to pit their birds against all comers. On your Mongolia trip, you’ll be able to witness this competition, which tests not just the bird’s mettle and the hunter’s skill, but also the bond between hunter and eagle.

Throat singing, or khoomei, is another dateless tradition still practiced here. This technique allows a singer to create two or more tones simultaneously. On your Mongolia travels, you’ll be able to meet with local musicians, folk dancers, and performers who will demonstrate this age-old custom.

As you quietly begin to soak in the culture and emulate the nomad’s lifestyle on your visit to Mongolia, you’ll find yourself yearning to be transported by yak, camel, or horse. Imagine venturing into the heart of the Khangai Mountains on a yak-supported, four-day trek where argali sheep, brown bears, ibex, marmots, red deer, wild boars, and wolves inhabit the wavy forests, snowy peaks, exuberant streams, and turquoise highland lakes. Sit astride a two-humped Bactrian camel and explore the largest sand dunes in Mongolia, the Khongoriin Els (or “Singing Sand Dunes”); or ride a horse into the green highlands of the Altai Mountains, where majestic lammergeyers (Gypaetus barbatus or “bearded vultures”) waft condor-like on thermals above the canyons.

Tap into your ancient wandering spirit. Experience a freedom few today will ever know by embarking on a Mongolia adventure tour.

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