Sunset in Antarctica

15 Apr Sunset in Antarctica

To me, It was so many things. My last continent, an amazing adventure and beauty that would leave me speechless. I left in January 2012, sailed from Ushuaia, Argentina across the Drake passage (the roughest waters in the world) to Antarctica.

I didn’t want to miss one second of this incredible trip, so every morning before sun rise I would claim my spot at the bow of the ship where I spent hours and hours trying to capture the overwhelming elegance of each passing moment. Only taking breaks to warm up and shovel some food down, then returning to my ‘post’ until the sun set and darkness filled the screen of my camera. The trip was a once in a lifetime dream come true and I’d encourage anyone and everyone to make the journey themselves, I guarantee, you will come back a changed person.

Sunset in Antarctica
©JD Andrews

It’s hard to pick what is more amazing, the sunrises or sunsets in Antarctica. You are surrounded by blue water and mostly white all day, clouds, snow, glaciers and icebergs. As you can see from this photo of a sunset, the multitude of colors become revealed — the oranges, reds and yellows reflect off the snow and ice creating a whole new look in every direction. I believe the sunrises and sunsets in Antarctica are…..magical!

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