Our Travel Ethic

Leave only footprints. And light ones at that.

As adventure travel companies, we’re deeply respectful of our travel destinations. And we’re aware that each of those destinations is impacted by our presence. So, because it’s good business practice, because our travelers expect it, but even more so because we love and care for the wonderful places we visit, Adventure Collection companies are constantly searching for ways to minimize our impact.

We’ve agreed to rigorously uphold five strategic principles of responsible travel:

Strategic Principle 1
Each member company is dedicated to the concept and practice of thoughtful and responsible adventure travel, and is committed to setting an example for the travel industry as a whole.

Strategic Principle 2
Members have a clearly defined strategy regarding accountability, transparency, and best travel practices.

Strategic Principle 3
Members are wholly accountable to the local communities in the regions in which they travel, and actively engage with and create programs to foster sustainable, authentic preservation of those communities.

Strategic Principle 4
Adventure Collection companies are dedicated to educating our travelers on the best cultural and ecological practices.

Strategic Principle 5
Each member company is accountable for upholding responsible travel principles throughout its trips, and is subject to systematic Adventure Collection review of those practices.

If you have suggestions on new approaches to responsible travel, we’re eager to hear from you.