Our Service

A Dedication to Personal Service, Comfort, and Fun

Take a quick cyber-stroll through this website and you’ll be tempted by our rosters of inventive and enthralling trips. (And keep in mind the literally infinite number of individually arranged private journeys we can create to your specifications.) But there are a few strong, common threads that run through all our journeys and activities, from hiking to scuba diving, from heli-skiing to bicycling, from natural historying to monument gazing.

First: Adventure Collection companies put personal service at the absolute top of their priority list. From your first phone call to your post-trip questionnaires, and at every point in between, we focus on friendly, astute, and persnickety attention to the details that matter to our travelers. This unstinting dedication to the highest levels of individual service is what separates Adventure Collection from the run-of-the-mill. Bottom line: we know, because we’re travelers, that trips to fabulous places mean little if the people operating them aren’t genuinely hospitable and attentive.

Second: Comfort. We don’t believe in discomfort for discomfort’s sake, so we like to unwind after a rich day at fine hotels (almost invariably best-in-class), enjoy great meals, and generally bask in well-earned comfort.

And third: Our trips tend to be mind-expanding and heart-stirring. Some of our activities can be challenging, and some are radically new. But they’re all carefully designed first and foremost with one thing in mind: great good fun.

We’ve been successful in keeping these three key ingredients front and center. And that success, along with our industry-leading innovations, has been widely recognized—not only by our travelers, but also by the travel industry itself. Learn more by visiting the News and Awards section.