Tundra Exploration

Tundra Tours and Adventure Travel Packages

Seeing polar bears in the wild is a natural encounter charged with drama and meaning. Polar bears are generally considered the largest bears on Earth (closely followed by brown bears). And the best place to meet these massive, Arctic bears is on the Canadian tundra, near the little town of Churchill in Manitoba.

Every fall for several weeks, Churchill hosts the world’s greatest concentration of wild polar bears. They come to await the freezing of the Hudson Bay, when they can go out to hunt seals and other marine animals.

On an Adventure Collection tundra exploration trip, you’ll be able to approach these massive beings at close range without disturbing them by traveling in specially designed vehicles. Witness the bears as they play-hunt, spar, and take care of cubs just feet away from your window. Or choose to stay on the tundra itself, at a mobile hotel situated in the heart of the bears’ habitat. Here, award-winning, wildlife photographer guides will offer you expert tips on how to capture superb images of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

You can make other forays onto the tundra by helicopter or authentic dogsled. Marvel at the swirling colors of the aurora borealis and talk with native Hudson Bay peoples to learn about their age-old customs and traditions.

For centuries, adventurers have spoken of encountering Nanook (the Inuit “master of bears”) on his own turf as one of the most moving wildlife experiences they’ve ever had. Today, you can achieve that same lump-in-your-throat feeling by allowing Adventure Collection to facilitate that meeting for you.