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When we say, “off the beaten path,” we really mean it. Founded over twenty years ago, our trips are geared toward travelers looking for an authentic experience that’s custom tailored to their own specific interests and needs. Off the Beaten Path expeditions each take place in the mountainous regions of North and South America, where travelers are encouraged to explore the natural environment and culture in a way very few people ever do.

While much of your trip with Off the Beaten Path will be your own creation, the added benefit of our expertise will ensure everything goes as planned. Whether you’re infatuated with seeing the grizzlies and bighorn sheep in Glacier National Park, looking to discover the artifacts on an Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, or feel inspired to create your own Lewis and Clark themed canoe journey along the Missouri River, we’ll make it happen.

Every Off the Beaten Path excursion is each meticulously planned by expert guides. If you’re traveling with a group or alone, we’ll help design an itinerary that focuses on things of specific interest to you—a physical activity such as hiking up a 4,000 ft. Alaskan peak or learning more about Chile’s exotic birds form an ornithologist—or even finding the best table in the locals’ restaurant new Yellowstone.

And whatever type of adventure you ultimately choose—we’ll make sure the accommodations suit you as well. So you can rest and plan for tomorrow in secluded resorts, intimate inns, or classic historic hotels.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, Off the Beaten Path can help you find the wonderful little places that aren’t found on any map.

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