One experience will lead to a lifetime of experiences.

Experience can be our best teacher. For more than 40 years, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) has used the world’s most spectacular classrooms to teach leadership, outdoor skills and environmental ethics.

Paul Petzoldt created NOLS to train tomorrow’s leaders. Guides will not lead the way; instead, your instructors will teach you the skills so that you can lead the way. Our students learn to live and travel in the wilderness. They benefit from the best instructors in the business—well-trained educators and leaders with a passion for what they do. The school’s hands-on, learn-by-doing approach to education means that students come away ready for their own wilderness expeditions.

With NOLS, your options are endless. From sea kayaking in Patagonia, to mountaineering in the Himalayas, to horse packing in Wyoming, students have explored our 14 locations and varied skill types around the world. And with courses ranging from 10 days to a full academic year, you will learn the skills necessary to be competent, responsible wilderness travelers and leaders long after their course is over. Other programs talk about leadership—at NOLS, you’ll do it!

Learn more by visiting NOLS at or call 1-800-710-NOLS.

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