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Ryoanji: Six Stones

The rock garden at Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto is one of my favorite places in Japan and one of the most sacred places on the planet for me. In its sere simplicity, its stark purity, it’s a place that slows me down, quiets me, leads...

9 Unforgettable Adventures to Take in 2017

A new year brings new goals and new challenges—and for many of us, that means new travel plans. From exploring Cuba by kayak to sleeping in one of the most remote places on earth, these unforgettable journeys...

matcha ceremony shikoku japan
A Serendipitous Spring Ceremony on Shikoku

One of the joys of a visit to Japan is the opportunity to experience a traditional green tea, or matcha, ceremony and tasting. On a spring visit to the island of Shikoku, my tour group was exploring the grounds of Matsuyama Castle when we came...

shikoku ponds japan
A Timeless Moment on Shikoku

Of all the places urban and rural I have wandered in Japan, the island of Shikoku remains my favorite. The smallest of Japan’s four principal islands, about the size of New Jersey, and situated between Kyushu and the main island of Honshu on the Inland...

Of Petals and Pilgrims in Old Japan

Last month I had the grand pleasure of leading a small group of impassioned and intrepid travelers through Kyoto and Shikoku, Japan. We experienced a splendid spectrum of delights, from visiting with monks and pilgrims at venerable temples and shrines, to making omochi rice paste...

My Asian Education

Recently I have been re-reading my old journals of travels throughout Asia in the late 1970s. They present a vibrant catalog of adventures and put into focus some of the fundamental and far-ranging lessons those travels offered me. © zoom-zoom My...