Our Member Companies

Each of our member companies brings a unique knowledge and expertise to the collection as a whole. So whether you’re biking through Europe or riding an elephant in India, you’re destined to explore the unknown and uncover things you didn’t know you would. Below is a brief overview of each of our member companies. Please follow the links to learn the whole story.


br_logoTom Hale, Backroads founder and president, built Backroads with the belief that a great travel experience is all about having choices. And so every Backroads trip begins with choices: Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? And at what pace? Who do you want to go with? And in what style? Once on your trip, you can decide to get up early or sleep in. Try a longer loop or head back for a swim. The choice is yours.
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Bushtracks Expeditions


Since 1989 family-owned Bushtracks Expeditions has been specializing in African travel and flying safaris which blend American sensibilities with a deep understanding of Africa. Our award-winning website offers incomparable safari planning tools, with fully supported concierge service by experts and offices both in the U.S. and Africa.

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ge_logoA pioneer of travel to remote and challenging destinations since 1982, GeoEx offers a varied portfolio of overland tours, treks, walks, and expeditionary voyages to the world’s most astonishing places. GeoEx was the first American company to negotiate protocols with the Chinese government to operate tours to backcountry Tibet and far western China. Our roster of innovative journeys soon expanded–to Nepal, India, Bhutan, the Arctic, the Middle East, and ever onward–and today we send more than 5,000 travelers a year to all seven continents.
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Lindblad Expeditions

le_logoLindblad Expeditions turns vacationers into explorers. Small groups set sail on nimble expedition ships and voyage to unique destinations around the globe, going places luxury liners can’t. A roster of celebrated Expedition Leaders and naturalists will guarantee every minute of every day of every expedition is different from the last. Come aboard and discover a world of adventure travel you never knew existed.
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Micato Safaris

ms_logoSafari! Even the word beguiles. We warmly invite you to share Micato’s Africa…the special corner of the world where we have lived for the last three generations. A land of sweeping savannahs, astonishing landscapes, fascinating cultures, and a richness of wildlife beyond your wildest imagination.
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Natural Habitat Adventures

nha_logoFor over 20 years, we’ve been perfecting the art of the nature expedition. Whether your dream is to board a tundra vehicle and come face-to-face with a polar bear, or to sit quietly in a rainforest among a family of mountain gorillas or to explore the enchanted Galapagos Islands aboard an intimate yacht, our adventures are designed to allow you to get off-the-beaten path to experience our planet’s greatest natural wonders.
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nols_logoNOLS founder Paul Petzoldt’s idea was simple: take people into the wilderness for an extended period of time, teach them the right things, feed them well and when they walk out of the mountains, they will be skilled leaders. The core of his idea was the extended expedition, one of sufficient length that a person could learn and practice the skills over and over again. That is the backbone of every NOLS course and today the school is widely recognized as the world’s leader in the extended expedition, from two weeks to twelve.
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oars_logoO.A.R.S. was the first oar-powered outfitter permitted to run the Colorado through the Grand Canyon back in 1969. Over 30 years we’ve built our operations based upon delivering superior personal service, hiring only the best guides, and using the highest quality, impeccably maintained equipment to cover more rivers of the West than any other river company.
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Off the Beaten Path

otbp_logoOff the Beaten Path is dedicated to delivering outstanding travel experiences that feature distinctive accommodations, accomplished guides, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. This commitment is manifest in our company mission to change people’s lives through exceptional travel experiences, a mission that governs our every move, from the time you first contact us to the moment you return home after your travels.
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