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Grand Canyon
National Park Week 2015: 10 Parks by 10 Unusual Ways

There's no better way to celebrate National Park Week in April than by visiting one of your favorite National Park Service sites. For a truly extraordinary experience, check out these 10 Adventure Collection national park tours for 2015....

The Meaning of Remarkable Adventure

Combine the two definitions of adventure per Merriam Webster, and you get “an exciting, dangerous, or remarkable experience.” I hinge on the word remarkable because adventure means something different to everyone, though always notable, and always new. For one person, it could mean solo travel...

Top Five Medium-Sized Cities to Visit in Europe

It’s difficult deciding where to go on a first (or second, or even tenth) trip to Europe. While undeniably exciting, big cities like Paris, London, and Rome can leave you flat broke and exhausted. Picturesque villages, by contrast, can be pretty to look at…for about...

Five Fantastic Island Getaways

Type the words “island escape” in your Google search, and you’re hit with over 1.2 million entries. Not surprising. But try the same for “island culture” or “island adventure” and that number is slashed in half. My hypothesis is that we associate travel to the...

5 Crazy Things to Add to Your Family Travel Bucket List

Most people I know choose their vacations by destination. With Costa Rica, Japan, or the Grand Canyon firmly in their sights, they begin to plan specific activities. In this as well as many other things, kids take a different point of view. ...

Good-Natured Trips for Good-Natured People

If you’re like me, you tend to leave the word “philanthropy” to those with more heavily lined pocket books. The prospect of helping the world, whether that means efforts toward protecting natural habitats, the animals that live in those environments, or the local cultures in...

Travel Experts Choose One Trip to Give for the Holidays

“In a frenetic world tethered by chronic connectivity, Antarctica is the last, best wilderness antidote. I can think of no greater gift to give to my family than a chance to experience such an intense sense of the wild.” – Wendy Redal, Natural Habitat Adventures ...

Nine Amazing Adventures: Winter Edition

Every year it seems Americans are more eagerly choosing experiences over gift giving for the winter holidays. Instead, there’s a growing sense of value for time spent trying new things with your dearest. And there’s nothing that strengthens relationships (couples, family, and friends) more than...