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INTO AFRICA: Part Five — Among the Maasai

MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE – Nighttime at Bateleur Tented Camp, just outside Maasai Mara National Reserve in western Kenya, near the Tanzanian border. ©Patrick Endres I’ve just returned to my tented, bush-surrounded camp cabin after a spectacular dinner on Bateleur’s open-air...

INTO AFRICA: Part Four — Kenya Connections

MOUNT KENYA SAFARI CLUB – It’s 10:40 pm on our second night at the Mount Kenya Safari Club. I’m sitting on my verandah, staring into the light-less night and up at the star-spattered sky, more full of stars – in this high-altitude African blackness —...

INTO AFRICA: Part Two — Dramas in the Bush

AMBOSELI NATIONAL RESERVE — We’ve just stepped off an 18-seat Air Kenya propeller plane onto the airstrip at Amboseli National Reserve. Vast brown savannah surrounds us. A nearby herd of ungainly, big-horned wildebeest stares at the noisy, propeller-beaked bird that just disrupted their grazing. Beyond...

INTO AFRICA: Part One — The Kiss of the Giraffe

NAIROBI — My introduction to the wildlife of East Africa was a kiss from a giraffe. No, this isn’t a metaphor. We’re talking about a real wet lip-smacker here, a come-here-big-boy-and-let-me-give-you-a-taste-of-my-long-black-tongue kiss. But let’s back up a bit. I arrived in...