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Madhur Jaffrey: Cuisine by Design

Editor’s note: Lonely Planet’s anthology “A Fork in the Road” presents 34 stories that explore the intersection of travel, food, and cultural revelation. Below we excerpt one of the collection’s highlights, a learned and loving celebration of Sri Lankan cuisine by Madhur Jaffrey, regarded by...

Alchemy of the Word and the World

My earliest world-wanderings were undertaken through others’ words. As my mother’s voice wove magical word-carpets, I was transported to Narnia by C. S. Lewis, the Sahara and beyond by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and Great Places by Dr. Seuss. In high school and college I journeyed...

Best Audio Books for Kids

Whoever said, "Give children the gift of boredom," obviously never took a road trip with my kids. Sometimes the bickering starts before we're even out of the driveway. While they can be placated for a few hours with movies and handheld video games, they...

Living Africa in Words and Images

Africa is a favorite subject for coffeetable tomes, but I have rarely come across as compelling a package of photographs and essays as Living Africa, by Steve Bloom. In more than 200 photographs, South African-born Bloom showcases a mind-expanding spectrum...

How to Wander the World When You’re Stuck at Home

The best way to see the world is with your own two eyes. But you can’t always be traveling. For those times when you’re stuck at home, there’s one surefire way to at least temporarily slake your wanderlust: Lose yourself in a great travel photo...

Bhutan by Book: An Intimate and Expansive Appreciation

Mistakenly assuming that I’ve been virtually everywhere, people often ask me what’s left on my Bucket List. Well, the truth is that my Bucket List is very long – and includes such jaw-dropping destinations as Portugal (yes, I’ve never been there!) and Argentina (never been...