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Unexpected Adventures in a Moroccan Bathhouse

We did what was customary. As soon as Saadia and I were well within the vestibule of her neighborhood’s bathhouse, the local hammam, we paid the bath attendant and took all our clothes off, except for our underwear....

Treks and Painted Caves in Southwestern France

“I love this work. I especially love seeing your eyes,” confessed our guide to the three of us standing in the cave. “When you see these engravings and paintings for the first time, the wonder on your faces is incredible. I never get tired of...

Rocky Mountain Trails Past and Present

It was autumn and the beech trees, tucked into the crook of the trail’s upward slope, were fanning leaves of translucent lemon drop yellow. The air at the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains had a charge, as warm air met cold with the setting...

Love in Bordeaux Vines

We stood among vast, towering piles of dark garnet pyramids. Harvesters were busy processing the clusters of cabernet sauvignon, the Médoc region’s key grape varietal. Meanwhile...

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