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How to Truly Unplug on Vacation

When I suggested to my husband that we leave our laptops at home for our spring break family vacation, he was shaking his head before I even got the words out. Like many people, he’d rather check his inbox daily than face seven days’...

6 Rules for Keeping Kids Safe in Crowded Places

I am a naturally anxious parent. As such, I constantly check on my kids. When they’re eating, I check to make sure they’re not choking. When they’re showering, I check to make sure they’re not drowning. When they’re sleeping, I check to make...

8 Great Items You Probably Don’t Pack (But Should)

As much as I like traveling light, I also relish the feeling of being well prepared. That’s why there’s always room in my suitcase for a lightweight piece of travel gear that eliminates a hassle or makes my life easier. Here are eight nonessential items...

5 Crazy Things to Add to Your Family Travel Bucket List

Most people I know choose their vacations by destination. With Costa Rica, Japan, or the Grand Canyon firmly in their sights, they begin to plan specific activities. In this as well as many other things, kids take a different point of view. ...

Eight Movies that Will Inspire Kids to Travel

About once a week, my husband and I try to sit down with our kids to watch a movie. Our taste runs to adventure films, especially when they’re set in places we’d like to visit. Our theory is this: As long as...

Planning a Pre-trip Stopover

When it comes to crossing the globe, I’m a big fan of breaking air travel up into bite-sized pieces. After a 10- or 12-hour flight from San Francisco to Europe or Asia, the last thing I want to do is get off, wait a...

Eight Great Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Shopping for a long list of loved ones can get tiresome fast, especially if you don’t have any fresh ideas. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired of giving – and receiving! – sweaters, socks, and soap. Do you have...

When Should You Use a Travel Agent?

When was the last time you used a travel agent? If you’re like most people I know, it was probably sometime during the Clinton administration. While it’s true that most aspects of travel can be booked online, that’s not always the best –...

Four Travel Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Travel hacking means different things to different people. To some, it's maximizing frequent flyer programs. To others, it's utilizing hotel loyalty program upgrades all over the world. To me, it's anything that saves me time, money, or sanity. Oh, and it has to be really...