Compare Arctic Adventure Tours: Spitsbergen Cruises, Aurora Tours, Polar Bears, and More!


Arctic Adventure Tours: Spitsbergen Cruises, Aurora Tours

Explore the ‘Great White North’ on an unforgettable Arctic adventure tour!

As a child, when you were asked where the North is, you probably pointed your finger straight up into the air. Now that you’re an adult, you intellectually realize it’s a place on the globe. Intuitively, however, it’s likely that you still think of North as up there, somewhere in the sky, as high as you can go.

But once you embark on an Arctic adventure tour, you’ll come to know the North — and the North Pole — as a very physical place, full of energy and power. Take a tundra rover out on the landscape, and you may come face-to-face with a polar bear. Watch as he stands on his hind legs to sniff closer, his mighty front paws resting on the side of your vehicle. See the years of hard living in his fur — scars on his nose and shoulders from “hand-to-hand” combat with his competition.

Sled dogs are tactile beings, too. On your dog-sledding outing, you’ll experience their high spirits as they wait for the “mush” command, banging their chests against their harnesses and howling, hardly able to contain the sheer will bolting out of them.

Travel to the North Pole on an Arctic cruise aboard a comfortable Russian icebreaker, and feel the force of the Earth under your feet as you “dance a circle through twenty-four time zones and drink toasts,” in the words of internationally known nature photographer Galen Rowell.

And in the nighttime sky, see the northern lights erupt in neon colors as vigorous gasses collide in the atmosphere. It is said that high above the Arctic town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, sky people play in the dark of winter, ancestral spirits light their campfires, and merry dancers jump through brilliant reds, crisp whites, and intense greens.

The North is a very physical place when it’s all around you — and when it’s still straight up in the sky.

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