Oregon Adventures: Crater Lake Bike Tours, Owyhee and Rogue River Rafting, and More!


Oregon Adventures, Crater Lake Bike Trips, River Rafting

Embark upon an Oregon Adventure and experience the spectacular beauty of one of our most diverse states.

Visitors are drawn to the scenic beauty of Oregon, which combines historic towns, sleepy fishing villages, ski resorts and wineries. The landscape is rich with diversity from its nearly 400 miles of spectacular coastline and mountains, to lakes, rivers, streams, deserts and forests. The low Coast Range runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean and is forested with spruce, fir and hemlock; in fact, nearly half the state is forested. Weather moves eastwards from the ocean across the Willamette Lowlands to the rugged Cascade Mountains, soaring to the highest peak of Mt Hood, at 11,239ft, where cold, moist air dumps heavy snowfalls. East of the Cascades, the state’s agriculture flourishes on the drier Columbia Plateau. Notable natural attractions include Hell’s Canyon, the deepest river-carved gorge in northern America, more than 6,000 lakes (including famous Crater Lake, deepest lake in the USA) and more than a hundred thousand miles of rivers and streams. Although Salem is the state capital, the largest city is Portland, straddling the Willamette River. The modern, compact and vibrant city is the commercial and touristic hub of the state, famed for its locally brewed beer and multitude of roses.

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