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Rafting The Grand Canyon: Arizona Adventure Trips and Travel

Arizona Adventure Travel Packages Including the Grand Canyon!

The Colorado River in Arizona may be one of the best sculptors that ever carved. The mile-deep Grand Canyon was created by this river, with the help of wind, snowflakes, and raindrops. The canyon is replete with amphitheaters, buttes, precipices, slopes, spires, and temples in earth tones of red, pink, rust, orange, mauve, green, and gold. Rafting the Colorado on a Grand Canyon dory will carry you through a changing exhibit of vibrant shades to dark hues; enticing shapes, such as slot canyons that beg to be explored; and tempting pools surrounded by maidenhair ferns and the graceful lines of plunging waterfalls.

But Grand Canyon rafting isn’t the only way to see the natural artworks of Arizona. Hiking, biking, climbing, and driving this one-of-a-kind state will take you to the lavenders, oranges, and reds of the Painted Desert; the white Navajo sandstone of the Elkhart Cliffs; the terracotta sandstone buttes of Monument Valley — a popular setting for Hollywood films — and the green “forests” of saguaro cacti. Walk amid the hoodoos and spires of the Queen’s Garden in Bryce Canyon National Park. Pedal past the orange, brown and white slickrock of the Checkerboard Mesa of Zion National Park, or head up to the park’s Angels Landing for a panoramic view of the massive stone faces and yawning canyon chasms of this “peaceful place.” Take a jeep tour through Red Rock Country, or climb Cochise Stronghold in the remote Dragoon Mountains, a place as haunting and rugged as it sounds.

Human hands have also left their marks on Arizona. More than a thousand years ago, the Ancient Pueblo people (formerly called Anasazi), Sinagua, and Hohokam tribes built villages on plateaus, in valleys, and in the steep cliff walls of deep canyons, where it’s still possible to touch their craftsmanship. And ever since Percival Lowell selected a mesa just west of Flagstaff for his observatory in 1894, astronomers have been re-imagining the way we see the stars and planets.

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