White Water Rafting & Kayaking

White Water Rafting Trips

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? Adventure Collection offers exciting white water rafting trips and kayaking tours that will get your heart pumping! View our many possible locations below to find the perfect spot to conquer the rapids — or keep reading to learn more about the thrills that you will experience on one of our white water rafting trips.

River-running is the essential — and, it could be said, most artful — form of white-water kayaking. In its purest form, river-running is more about the pleasure of combining your paddling abilities and knowledge of navigation with the movements and environments of a river than in achieving speed or working against a wave’s dynamic forces. White-water rafting differs from white-water kayaking only in the choice of boat: an inflatable raft is used rather than a kayak. Whichever form of craft you use, however, the “white-water” part kicks in when you hit your first real rapid.

Starting out on flat water, you easily get used to your paddle and the flow of the river. Then, just as your confidence peaks, you begin to hear a muffled roar. As you come around the bend, there it is; what you came all this way to find: a white-water rapid. You dig your toes in deeper and grip the paddle tighter. Here you go!

You stroke for all you’re worth. You’re in the rapid now, and the waves are much higher and the troughs are much deeper than you thought they would be. A cold wave slaps your face, and you gasp for breath; surprised, despite knowing it was coming. But the weather is warm, and the water is invigorating and as wild as you now feel. The next time the white water hits, you’ll be ready.

On Adventure Collection’s white-water rafting trips and kayaking tours, you’ll not only get your paddling strokes in tune with a great river’s movements but you’ll commune with riparian environments around the globe. Choose to circumnavigate Yukon Island on an Alaskan kayaking trip, and you’ll paddle amid bald eagles, seals, porpoises, and sea otters. Do some Colorado River rafting in the Grand Canyon, and geological wonders, natural history, bighorn sheep, coyotes, deer, and birds will surround you. Or go on a white-water rafting tour on the Class III/IV rapids running through the sacred valley of the Urubamba River in Peru or within a primary rain forest on the Río Savegre in Costa Rica.

After one of Adventure Collection’s white water rafting or kayaking trips, you will have conquered the wild, white waters of the world and can officially call yourself a river runner — and an artist. So what are you waiting for? Browse our white water rafting trips below to find your next adventure!