Surrendering to Seven Sights in Chile’s Patagonia

20 Sep Surrendering to Seven Sights in Chile’s Patagonia

I had been hearing about Patagonia for decades. People said that it was a place of soaring beauty and soul-healing expansiveness, that they had lost and found themselves there. I’d seen photos of sharp towers and snow-covered peaks, serpentine rivers and glinting lakes. But as with so many of the planet’s special places, nothing could prepare me for the reality of experiencing Patagonia in person. Its scale was so humbling and exhilarating, its beauty so etched and all-encompassing. It swept me away until I lost all sense of self and became one more tiny part of something infinitely sublime. The only thing you can do in such a sacred place is surrender. And so I did.

Here are seven views that especially touched and transported me.

1. The Horizon

Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Photo by Kuniko George.

This was our introduction to Torres del Paine National Park, driving with our two engaging and enlightening guides into a spectacular early morning mountainscape.


2. The Clouds

orange clouds in Patagonia

Photo by Don George.

The clouds astonished us on our first morning – a sweeping sky-stream that mirrored the rivers below.


3. White Highlights

white peaks and streamfall in Patagonia

Photo by Don George.

White-billowing clouds, white-mantled rivers, white-frothing streamfalls – we were absorbed by the wide white world of Patagonia.


4. A Room with a View

view from Lago Grey, Patagonia

Photo by Kuniko George.

We stayed at the Hotel Lago Grey, which welcomed us with this sight on our first afternoon there.


5. A Room with a Shaking View

peaks of Patagonia

Photo by Don George.

Another view from our room at the Lago Grey: With the constant wind shaking the glass panes and driving the clouds across the thrusting peaks, without even moving from my chair, I felt like I was flying.


6. Lookouts

guanacos grazing in Patagonia

Photo by Kuniko George.

On daily excursions, we saw guanacos grazing – and keeping a watchful eye out for pumas – throughout the park.


7. Gauchos

gaucho in Chile's Patagonia

Photo by Kuniko George.

Timeless task: On a morning ride, a gaucho checks his estancia just as his father and grandfather did.


Learn more about activities and destinations in Chilean Patagonia through Chile’s tourism website. And go here for more information on Hotel Lago Grey.



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